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The Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Rental

Managing a rental property comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Whether you're a first-time landlord or a seasoned property investor, choosing the right approach to property management is crucial. Our guide explores the top 5 ways to manage your rental property, each with unique benefits and considerations. From the hands-on approach of doing it yourself to the ease of hiring a professional, this list is designed to help you navigate the options and find the best fit for your unique needs. Discover the pros and cons of each approach and make an informed decision to maximize your rental property’s potential.

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How Should You Manage Your Property?
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Nomad is revolutionizing the way you manage your rental property, offering a blend of security, flexibility, and efficiency. One of our standout features of Nomad is we guarantee your rental income, providing a level of financial stability you can’t find anywhere else. We also understand the importance of safeguarding your investment, which is why we offer an impressive $500K in property protection to all owners. This isn't just about managing your property; it's about empowering you to do so on your own terms, with the right tools and support at your fingertips. Our expert leasing product maximizes your property's exposure by posting to all major rental sites, including Zillow, ensuring that your listing reaches the widest possible audience. All owners who work with Nomad get access to our Home Assistant product, a tool that quickly triages work orders and can hire local handymen with ease. Most importantly, Nomad achieves all of this with a cost-effective approach, making it an incredibly practical choice for property owners who want the best of both worlds – professional quality management with personal control and oversight. These factors make Nomad the best option for managing your rental property.

Do it Yourself

Opting for the Do It Yourself approach to managing your rental property can be an appealing choice, especially from a financial perspective. It's often seen as the most cost-effective method as you're maximizing your profits by cutting out any management fees. Additionally, managing your property independently affords you complete control over every aspect of the rental process, from choosing your tenants to setting your rental terms. However, this hands-on approach does come with its share of challenges. As a DIY landlord, you bear the full responsibility for all repairs and maintenance, which can be both costly and time-consuming. Direct communication with tenants falls entirely on your shoulders, requiring a commitment to availability and conflict resolution skills. Also, without the cushion provided by a property management service, you're more vulnerable to the financial impacts of vacancies.

Local Property Manager

Partnering with a local property manager can be a wise decision for landlords looking for a more hands-off approach while benefiting from local expertise. An advantage of local property managers is their understanding of the local real estate market and their established connections within the community. These connections often mean they can swiftly handle repairs and maintenance issues, leveraging relationships with local contractors to ensure quality work at potentially better rates. Another pro is the reduction in direct landlord responsibilities. A local property manager takes over the day-to-day interactions with tenants, from handling complaints to collecting rent, alleviating the burden from the property owner. On the flip side, hiring a local property manager can often be more expensive compared to other options. Due to their smaller scale and lack of economies of scale, their fees might be higher, which can eat into the rental income. Additionally, the technology and tools provided by local property managers is often less sophisticated compared to those offered by larger, national firms. While they promise ease and efficiency, these tools might not always deliver to the expected standard, potentially leading to frustrations or inefficiencies in the management process.

National Property Manager

Choosing a national property management company offers a blend of the advantages found with local property managers, often at a more cost-effective rate. These larger firms can leverage economies of scale, allowing them to offer their services at competitive prices. Additionally, national property managers typically have access to more sophisticated software and tools. This advanced technology can streamline various aspects of property management, from tenant screening to rent collection and maintenance tracking, offering a more efficient and integrated management experience. One significant drawback to national property managers is their lack of a local presence. National firms may not have the same level of local market knowledge or on-the-ground relationships as a local property manager would. This can impact the quality and speed of services like property repairs or maintenance. Moreover, there can be an overreliance on technology. While digital tools are beneficial, they sometimes cannot fully replace the personal touch and nuanced understanding that comes from direct, human interaction.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Partnering with a real estate agent for managing your rental property brings its unique set of advantages, particularly when it comes to filling vacancies. Real estate agents are often local experts with extensive knowledge of the area, giving them a high probability of filling vacancies quickly. Their familiarity with the local market trends, pricing, and potential tenants can be invaluable in securing the right match for your property. Additionally, real estate agents handle the labor-intensive aspects of renting out a property, such as showing the property, setting up viewings, and managing all communications with applicants. However, there are cons to consider. Hiring a real estate agent can be quite costly. Their fees, usually a percentage of the rental income, might be higher compared to other property management options, potentially impacting your profitability. Another aspect to consider is the scope of their service. Typically, a real estate agent’s involvement ends once the vacancy is filled. This means they do not handle ongoing management tasks such as tenant queries, maintenance issues, and rent collection.

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Guaranteed Rent

We take on the financial burden of collecting rent so you don't have to. Even if your tenant doesn't pay, we will ensure you're paid on time and will work with your tenant to collect rent payments.

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Management Made Easy

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Find Tenants with Ease

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