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Meet the Nomad safety net. We take the risk out of real estate investing by guaranteeing your rent payment on time, every month, no exceptions. So you never have to worry about empty units, late checks, or market drops.

Plus, we guarantee that we’ll list your investment at a market rate that maximizes your income. Because when you rent with Nomad, we’re in it together.

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Ideal for the owner who is comfortable with marketing the property themselves or has a tenant up for renewal.


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Guaranteed Rent + Marketing & Leasing

Ideal for owners who want to be hands off during the marketing period and backed by our Lease Guarantee.


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No matter which you choose, you’ll have access to the full power of Nomad’s Network, Expertise, and Benefits:

Trustworthy residents

$500,000 in property protection

Dedicated success team

Home assistant for repair coordination and more

Detailed property data in our modern app

6 months of advanced rent

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We know Nomad is the best solution to help you manage your investment property. Learn more for yourself with our helpful tools below or start the process by completing our form and let us guide you.

We heart our residents

We screen our residents and they care for your property like it's their own. They get perks for being good partners too!

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