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Lease Only

We professionally lease your property within 45 days, or reduce our fees by half.

0%/mo management fee

One month rent

Professional listing services including listing photos, marketing and showings.

Lease to great residents. We’ll ensure you get outstanding tenants.

Instant payment of first month's rent and deposit.


Guaranteed Rent For 2 Years

We professionally lease your property, then guarantee your rent every month for 2 years.

undefined%/mo guarantee fee

50% off tenant placement fee

All the benefits of Core plus:

2-years Guaranteed Rent. Vacancy, delinquency, and eviction protection.

3 months of rent paid upfront.

Guaranteed On-Time Payments. Get paid every month on-time.

$10,000 property protection plan above and beyond insurance coverage.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be your go-to contact.


Guaranteed Rent + Property Management

We provide full service property management in addition to our rent guarantee.

undefined%/mo management fee

50% off tenant placement fee

All the goodness of Complete plus:

Effortless property management, we’ll handle every detail.

24/7 coverage every day of the year.

Preventative maintenance on your property to keep it in good shape.

On-call repair technicians available with no up charges.

Considering Selling? Nomad can help you sell your property. Learn more about selling with Nomad

Nomad Benefits

Lease Only

2-Years Guaranteed Rent

2-Years Guaranteed Rent + Full Property Management

40+ hours

80+ hours

120+ hours

1 month rent

50% off

50% off


6% - 9%

11% - 14%

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