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How It Works

7 Steps to Stress-Free Guaranteed Rental Income


Request your Guaranteed Rent Offer

Tell us about your property, and we'll get to work on accurately estimating your rental income. Your hard work is done—leave the rest to us.


Let us crunch the numbers

We will assess the characteristics of your home and current market conditions to determine your property's predicted market rent.


Schedule a brief property visit

If needed, we will schedule an in-person assessment to finalize your guaranteed rent offer.


Sign your lease

Nomad signs a 2-year lease starting 30-45 days from the time your property is move-in ready. This will be determined by how long we think it will take to find the perfect tenant for your home.


Sit back and relax

We will market your property on dozens of listing sites across the web and will conduct in-person property showings with all prospective tenants.


Rest easy

After extensive screening (credit & background checks, employment verification, reference checks, etc.), Nomad signs a sublease with the perfect tenant who will love your home (almost) as much as you do. Many times we will place a tenant who has lived in a Nomad property before.


Get rent every month with certainty

If Nomad earns more than what we guaranteed, we will split a portion of that additional rent with you. Rest assured, you'll get paid on the tenth of every month—no matter what.

Get Started Today

Zero Vacancy or Delinquency Costs

You will never feel that costly vacancy pain again. Whether Nomad has rented your property or not, you will be paid on the 10th of every month. Guaranteed.

Residents Who Care

Nomad residents have been diligently screened and many have lived in a Nomad property before. Our residents care for your property like it's their own because it pays to care.

Optimal Rental Income

Many customers earn more with Nomad, and do so without taking a bet on a individual tenant

Still thinking about it? No problem—we'll occasionally send you tips and insights to help you maximize your rental income.


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