Home Standards Checklist

Whether you do it yourself or have us take care of it for you, preparing your rental property is essential to attracting high-quality tenants. To make it simple, we put together a checklist of items to help ensure your home meets our standards: Download the Home Standards checklist, which includes example pictures




As Advertised


No loose or exposed electrical wiring.

Gas is turned on and there are no gas leaks.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors meet local codes per year built and include working batteries.

Both interior and exterior stair railings are secure and free of loose or damaged pieces.

All entry/exit doors and first-floor windows are equipped with a functioning lock.

Pool barrier meets city codes (if applicable).

Security system is functional (if applicable).



All appliances including refrigerator, stove/oven/range, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, and washer/dryer are secure and in working condition. Refrigerator and washer/dryer are to be provided by owners if hookups are present.

Electricity is on.

Interior lights (and light bulbs) are functioning and secure. Globe fixtures are present.

All outlets are functioning and GFCI’s are operational. Cover Plates are present, matching, unbroken, and clean.

All mechanical, electrical, plumbing ductwork, wiring, and piping are properly secured to the ceiling or wall.

Furnace is functioning, properly connected, and switched to the “on” position. A new air filter has been installed. Fireplace is in working condition (if applicable).

Heating and cooling units are functioning safely and effectively.

Exhaust fans are clean, functioning, and properly secured.

Water heater is in working condition with no leaks and meets local codes per year built.

All sinks and faucets are functioning, have no leaks and are properly secured. Both hot and cold water is available and water runs clear. The drain stop is present and adjusted (if applicable).

All showers, baths, and showerheads are functioning. Shower doors are clean and open/close properly. Drains are in working condition, free of leaks or clogs.

Toilet is not leaking and properly secured to the floor. Handle and flush kit are working properly.

Doors are in good condition, open and close properly, and have safely functioning locks. All hinges are present, have pins, and are secured properly. Doorstops are added where needed.

All windows open/close properly and have a functioning lock. No cracked windows and screens are free from significant tears. Window coverings are present on all windows and are functional.

Cabinet doors and drawers are aligned and open/close properly. All knobs/handles or other hardware pieces are present.


Roof has no active leaks.

Exterior decking is properly secured. Deck boards/posts are free from rot. All posts are properly secured with sound footing.

Front and back porches are functional and handrails are secured.

All exterior light globes are present and clean. All exterior lights including floodlights have functioning light bulbs.

Fence is secure, mounted solidly without excessive gaps underneath, and free of missing pickets or leaning sections.

If applicable, security/storm doors are in good condition and fully operational.

If applicable, the pool is clean, water is clear, and filters/vacuum systems are functioning. Plaster is structurally sound and free of cracks. No active leaks at pumps, filters, or equipment.

If applicable, the mailbox door is functional. Post is properly secured.

Doorbell is mounted properly and is functional.

Irrigation system is in working condition (if present).


Home is free of debris (including drawers, cabinets, garage, attic). Front, back, and side yards of the property are also free of debris.

Interior paint is in good condition. Paint tone is even, walls are free of stains, dirt, debris, scuffs and odors.

Carpet is clean and stain/odor-free. Floors are installed properly.

Baseboards are present, free from significant damage, and clean.

There are no signs of leaks or water damage on the ceilings, walls, baseboards or under sinks.

Countertops are free of major chips, cracks or stains.

Closets are clean, bars are present, and any shelving is secure.

Exterior of the home is HOA compliant. No evidence of active termite/pest infestation.

Landscaping is neat and tidy - free of dead vegetation, weeds, and debris. Grass is neatly cut (if applicable). Shrubs/trees are trimmed and sculpted 12" away from structures and walkways.

As Advertised / Rent Ready

All photos and descriptions of your property (including community amenities, accessibility, etc.) match the current condition of the property.

Owners are required to maintain landscaping and pools (if applicable) and to continue to pay all utility bills during the marketing period.

Owners are required to leave two sets of keys to all doors, two garage remotes, two mailbox keys and pool/clubhouse keys at the residence.

Please ensure this checklist is completed before the final walkthrough inspection. Contact us anytime with questions. Thanks!