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💪 Nomad product updates | Q4 2023

Published on: Dec 21, 2023

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We’re shipping new features big and small almost daily at Nomad. Here are some highlights from Q4 2023.

Rental Marketing & Leasing Updates

Create a listing that leases faster and for more

Nomads have leased 10,000+ properties collectively and we have integrated our best professional guidance into the Nomad app so our rental owners can benefit.

Nomad helps you price your property to perfection. Not only do Nomad’s rental price estimates help you optimally price your home but we give you the tips and tricks professional appraisers use to fine tune a property’s price.

Nomad helps you advertise your property more effectively. Using our experience writing thousands of property marketing descriptions, we automatically build an effective property listing for you so you don’t have to start from a blank slate.

Nomad helps ensure your property photos shine. Our leasing professionals know that great photos can save you weeks of expense and effort. That’s why we tell you how to ensure you have the right property photos – or click a button and order from our partner Snaply.

When you're ready we’ll syndicate to the 15+ most popular US rental sites including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and many more. We also provide a personalized listing link that owners can share within their personal networks on closed platforms like Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, or others.

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Optimize your price while your property is listed

Nomad offers the only price optimization option available to small-time landlords. Our algorithm gives you weekly pricing recommendations based on the amount of rent interest your property has seen so you can rent your property as quickly as possible and reduce costly vacancy.

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Track the status of interested renters with Nomad’s Property Marketing CRM

Owners that create a well-priced, beautiful listing with Nomad and leverage our powerful syndication often get a lot of interest in their property. This can be a challenge to manage. Enter Nomad’s DIY Marketing CRM – the easiest way to keep track of inquiries, tours, and applications on the Nomad platform. Further, our DIY Marketing CRM connects you and an interested renter automatically so you can connect about your rental.

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More insight into your applicants and more automation

You can now get updates on a renter’s application status live in Nomad’s portal. Further, Nomad has automated emails and phone notifications to urge renters to efficiently complete their applications.

Management Software Updates

Nomad owners now have more insight into their payments

You now have more insights into payments Nomad makes to you with more detailed payment descriptions, more clear pay dates, and a notification if Nomad paid you guaranteed rent but your resident has not paid us yet.

Seamlessly manage your Property Protection coverage

You can now view more detailed information about your $500,000 property protection plan and submit claims via the Nomad app.

Enhanced Maintenance & Repairs

We’ve enhanced the user interface within our Repairs module to make it easier for our owners to control a critical component of self-managing an investment property.

Our enhancements simplify how to:

  • Create work orders directly with 24/7 Latchel Agents

  • Add your own preferred vendors

  • Book property inspections

We’ve expanded our vendor coverage across all markets & skillsets through national partnerships with TaskEasy, Puls, and Inspectify

We’ve exposed a lifestyle benefit to all residents enabling them to subscribe to lawn care services - helping to ensure lease compliance and avoiding potential costly property damage

We have clarified the user interface and organized open & closed work orders

Final Thoughts

The journey of becoming a landlord can be as rewarding as it is challenging. By being prepared, proactive, and using available resources wisely, you can navigate the rental landscape successfully. While it's a journey with its unique set of challenges, the rewards — both financial and personal — are significant. Whether you choose to embark on this journey alone or with the assistance of a platform like Nomad, remember that every step taken is a learning opportunity, laying the foundation for your success as a landlord.

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