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How Joe navigated the Rent vs. Sell Decision with Nomad

Published on: May 30, 2024

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“They helped me navigate the decision between renting and selling with confidence.” Working with Nomad was “better than any experience I’ve had in the 36 years I’ve owned properties”

In this case study, you can learn about Joe's experience working with Nomad to decide whether he should rent or sell his home.

Want to know how much you could earn by renting out your home? Request an estimate from Nomad, then speak with one of our helpful Investment Property Advisors. Let them know you are considering selling to discuss the pros and cons.

📖 Introduction

Joe, with over three decades of experience in managing rental properties, faced a crucial decision point with his Scottsdale investment property. Accustomed to the challenges of real estate investment, Joe was particularly intrigued by Nomad's innovative approach and guaranteed rent.

🫠 Challenge

Joe's primary dilemma was choosing between renting out his property for steady income or selling it in a potentially fluctuating market. His concerns included:

  • Ensuring a competitive return on investment through either renting or selling.

  • Managing the property efficiently.

  • Navigating market dynamics to maximize property value.

“They helped me navigate the decision between renting and selling with confidence.”

🙌 Solution

Joe's objectives were clear
  • Make an informed decision between renting and selling based on market conditions and personal financial goals.

  • Execute the chosen strategy efficiently and profitably.

  • Leverage professional guidance to optimize his property's potential. Solution

How Nomad Helped

Guaranteed Rent Program: Presented as an option for stable income, this program offered Joe a competitive and secure monthly revenue without digital property management tools to reduce the hassles of day-to-day management.

Comprehensive Market Analysis and Support: Nomad provided expert advice through personnel like Frank Morales, who assisted Joe in evaluating his property's value against current market conditions, enabling him to weigh his options between renting and selling.


Decision Made with Confidence: With Nomad's detailed insights and support, Joe decided to sell the property.

"Working with Nomad was a great experience from start to finish. I had multiple offers within a few days and a signed contract for the highest sale price in the neighborhood a week after listing.”

Key Achievements: The sale process was not only rapid but also highly profitable, marking a significant success in Joe's investment career, thanks to the strategic guidance from Nomad.

"Nomad's advice was spot on! Their market knowledge and seamless process greatly influenced my decision to sell, resulting in a fantastic outcome!"

💰🏡 Conclusion

Joe’s experience highlights Nomad's role as more than just a digital property management company; we are a strategic partner in real estate investment.

Whether landlords are considering renting or selling, Nomad's expertise and innovative solutions provide the necessary tools and insights to make informed decisions and achieve optimal financial results.

Joe concluded, “with so many “big money” players seemingly affecting the market in Phoenix, I feel Nomad helped even-the-playing-field for an individual investor like me.”

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